Vegan Haven's General Store

Some of the products we carry

-  Exclusive items from Field Roast

-  Plant-based proteins from many popular brands

-  Egg Replacers from Ener-G and The Vegg

-  Dairy replacers, including non-dairy heavy cream and coffee creamer

-  Handmade, soy-free cheeses

-  Frozen pizzas from Tofutti, Amy's Kitchen, and Tofurky

-  Bread from Rudi's Organic Bakery

-  Locally crafted organic treats such as oatmeal cookie pies, ginger beer, and caramel sauce

-  Non-leather belts, wallets, purses, & more from Queen Bee, Alchemy Goods, espy, Lavishy, Truth, & Big Skinny

-  Dairy-free "milk" chocolates and chocolate bars

-  Baking mixes from Wholesome Chow, Mom's Vegan Kitchen, and The Cravings Place

-  Ice cream pints and treats from Coconut Bliss, Purely Decadent, and Tofutti

-  Frozen meals and meal enhancers from Amy's Kitchen, Starlite Cuisine, ecoVegan, and many more

-  Seafood-free seafood from Sophie's Kitchen and All Vegetarian

-  Cookies from Alternative Baking Co., Uncle Eddie's, and more

-  Baking supplies, cooking condiments, and mixes

-  Soup cups and heat-and-eat soups

-  Quick meal ideas such as Leahey macaroni and cheese, cheese sauce, and stroganoff

-  Raw goods from Lydia's Organics and Gopal's

-  Ready-to-eat sandwiches from Wayward Vegan Cafe and Hillside Quickie

-  Cookbooks, books for children, and philosophy books

-  Food for cats and dogs from Vdog, Evolution, Evanger's, Ami, and Natural Life

-  Chips, crackers, dips, spreads, and salsas

-  Sweet treats for holidays and every day

-  Zoya nail polish and Color Lock system

-  Personal care items from Acure, Jason, Preserve, Epic

-  No-beeswax lip balms from Crazy Rumors, Booda Butter, Merry Hempsters, Hurraw!

-  Socks from Solmate Socks and Sweet Marcel

-  Pigs Peace Sanctuary t-shirts, message wear from Lion's Share Industries

-  Vegan D3 from Source of Life, and many other vitamins and supplements from Deva and PlantFusion

Field Roast: Wild Rice Cranberry Fig Roast En Croute Wild Rice Cranberry Fig Roast En Croute Delicious, rich and nutritious. We start with a rich grain meat roast and fill it with a wild rice & quinoa sausage style stuffing…
Silk Nog Zoya Color Lock Finally, a manicure that lasts more than a day (we hear). Now, which colors to start with? eenie meenie miney moe…
Seasonal wallet Wallets! Big Skinny wallets are here. Lavishy wallets, coin purses, and tablet/iPad cases. If you like what you see, don't hesitate, when they're gone, they're gone…
Vegenaise Tartar Sauce Vegenaise Tartar Sauce It's here! Pair this with Sophie's Fish Filets and you got yerself a fishy sammich!