Doh volunteered at the store for a year before becoming manager.

Store Manager's Message

When the opportunity arose for me to manage Sidecar for Pigs Peace, I was elated. Retail management is something I'm quite familiar with, but running a non-profit vegan store is a challenge that I truly enjoy. I don't think of it as a job; it's a privilege! I get to interact with our compassionate shoppers, and support vegan suppliers. I get to seek out new products, and express my creativity. In short, I get to live my ethics.

Having access to a vegan store means a lot to me, as it probably does to you. Freedom to shop without straining my eyes to read ingredient list. Confidence in the quality and array of cruelty-free products. Deep sense of satisfaction that my purchases are doing "double-duty" - saving animal lives by not consuming them and voting with my dollars for a kinder world. For over a year I volunteered weekly at Sidecar, just to be a bit closer to the "action."

I will continue to grow Vegan Haven into your community grocery store and boutique, so as to benefit the animals even more. Please give me your ideas and feedback, so I can help you help the animals

I look forward to seeing you at Vegan Haven!

Thank you for your support,


Manager of Vegan Haven